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European micropayment leader

HiPay Mobile has been offering a comprehensive solution for monetizing your website since 2003.


All media

Compatible with all devices: tablets, mobiles, PCs, connected TVs.


All users

95% of the world population has a mobile but only 52% has a bank account.

Whether people have a bank account or not, we make your content available to everyone.


Sell worldwide, with 50 payment methods available in more than 85 countries.

" With HiPay Mobile, we have increased our transactions amount by 45% in the LATAM region which has the highest rate of unbanked people. "

J. Lajeunesse, Payment manager, ANKAMA

Europe's leading micropayment platform


Sell your content on an international scale

Offer your digital goods and services to Internet users around the world with HiPay Mobile. In just a few clicks, the HiPay Mobile management interface allows you to offer the best payment solutions adapted to your customers’ consumption patterns.


Plug & play

Once your HiPay Mobile account has been created, install the payment script on your site: Copy / paste the code on your web page and begin accepting mobile payments!


Benefit from attractive payouts

For more than 10 years, HiPay Mobile has been striving to build better partnerships with alternative payment operators around the world. Therefore you benefit from the most attractive payouts in each country!


Easily manage your business

The dashboard provided by HiPay Mobile offers a consolidated and full view of your business. The intuitive and ergonomic HiPay Mobile management interface allows you to easily monitor your business: new pricepoints, new products, opening-up activities on the international market... all available in just a few clicks.

Latest generation dashboard

All your business indicators available everywhere!

To facilitate your decision making, the HiPay Mobile management interface new ergonomics gives you a clear vision of your information. You will find all your important information at a glance, updated in real time.

Adapted to the new uses of connected devices, the HiPay Mobile management interface has been developed in responsive design. Now you can manage your business from any mobile or tablet.


One-Stop Shop

HiPay Mobile offers you a One-Stop Shop model: a single integration, one point of contact and a single contract to monetize your digital assets worldwide.

Payments via SMS, payments via Direct Carrier Billing, Interactive Voice Response payments, payments on ISP's invoices, alternative payments... HiPay Mobile offers you the opportunity to be connected to more than 250 operators worldwide.


Benefit from the best payouts

Connected to over 250 mobile operators in the world, you will benefit from attractive payouts regardless of the country in which you are selling.

No hidden fees, no subscription, no installation fees.

Your business is safe with us 

Since we are a payment institution certified by the ACPR, you can completely trust us with the management of your transactions in complete confidence.


They trust us


Open your account for free

  Join HiPay Mobile and immediately start generating revenues. 

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